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Behind The Artworks: Tarmak - Plow (2020)

Simon (drums) is a graphic designer in daily life, and after creating the logo it made sense that he would create the rest of the artwork. A guy named Alexander Pokusay did the incredible work of making the main illustration, and Simon altered this to find the concept and idea. The idea behind it is to imagine a world where the place of animals and humans on the food chain would be upside down. In some way it sounds more like a fair way of living, seeing how humans can seem to react so bad to power. In this way it also fits with the power/control themes that are woven into the lyrics of Krater. Are we humans the only ones with free will and truly in control? Or are we just as supressed and controlled (or even more) than the animals we share the planet with? It’s interesting food for thought and one of the central themes of our record, as reflected and visualised by the surrealistic hybrid of species we’ve put on our cover! We’ve got a name for this magical being. We call it the … (wait for it) … MANONANOSTRICH. All hail the divine manonanostrich!

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