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Behind The Tracks: Artio - All Things End (Single) (2020)

We were in the middle of writing the last few tracks for our second EP 'Backbone' when 'All Things End' was written. Ieuan (producer and drummer) rang me at 3 am one night saying he'd 'made the perfect song', so I went to his the next day and put down the vocals, it fit perfectly under a melody and concept I'd been toying around with the previous day before I'd heard the song. We were so excited by the song and so inspired by this new sonic adventure that it was written in its entirety in one day, vocals in one take, the song just fell together so well and here it is. This new sound opened up a whole new direction for us, image-wise, stage presence wise, everything. Once Rob had laid his guitar down it was sent to our Engineer and Tech Jon Eckersley for mastering. We've now written a whole new era of Artio inspired by this track, we've changed our aesthetic and stage persona. It's also enabled us to cross genres further with a more alternative pop feel as well as synth-pop and indie all tied in.

We have a plethora of releases left for this year, but we cannot reveal any of the excitement yet! We have lots of gigs lined up for post Lockdown in the New World! We’ll see you out there!

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