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Behind The Tracks: Frozen Lakes - Love Theme For An Apocalypse (Single) (2020)

I wrote the piano part back in January and was just kind of playing with loops on top of it in my spare time when I wasn't working on other music. I pretty much wrote and mixed all of the music without any vocals on it. It sounded like a love song to me so I decided to write a love song to my wife.

My wife had been through a lot in the last year. She had to go through the pregnancy of our second child pretty much alone due to my illness and surgeries. I was actually hospitalized and was in surgery when she went into labor. She showed me how tough and resilient she could be, taking care of me, our daughter and a newborn. I started working on the lyrics when Covid -19 hit.

At first we actually enjoyed the time off. Her day job closed and I work from home, so it was nice to have our family unit together. At the very beginning of quarantine we were taking early morning family walks through our town, it felt post apocalyptic to me. I started thinking about how the world may not bounce back from the coming recession anytime soon, but how our little family was built for this. We even started learning farming techniques to grow our own food.

With all of this in mind, I wrote this song to my wife as a love note on how well we would do in the end of times.

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