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Behind The Tracks: Jen Janet - I Don´t Belong (Single) (2020)

For this song, I wanted to create a rock song that was catchy, but still had some elements of my past musical history in it - progressive rock. The beginning of the song is written in 7/4 (which is uncommon for pop and rock songs). It was really fun to fuse this style of writing with a more catchy vibe. I wrote the lyrics for this song many years ago, but only recently decided to move forward with releasing it. I was in a weird place in my life, and I felt like I was stuck, waiting for something. I didn’t really fit in with where I was and some of the people around me, and I didn’t really know what to do about it.

The music video is also my first music video for an original song that I have directed and edited myself. I was really happy to be able to work up to that - it certainly took a lot of practice, but I’ve always loved movies and film, and I’m still learning. The indoor shots were filmed using a Canon 6D on a tripod, and I lit the wall behind me using some colored lights, and had one softbox light for myself. In the other indoor scene, I used a black sheet and one softbox, as well as a few colored lights. The outdoor shots were filmed by Goreblaster, using a gimbal for stabilization (it was windy!) We filmed it in northern California and the weather was perfect.

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