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Behind The Tracks: Jen Janet - Possession:(Single) (2020)

I’ve always been very interested in horror movies, so for the music video I played with the idea of possession - using demonic possession as the theme. I teamed up with King Wolf Creative to create the music video, and we filmed in this old little hotel in the Boston Massachusetts area, to create the feel of a big old house. Fun fact - the red dress from the video was actually my prom dress from high school. I hadn’t found a good use for it again, until now.

For the songwriting and recording process, I wrote the lyrics to this song many years ago. I ended up writing down some chords and music to it, and then it just sat there on my computer for a very long time. I came back to it recently. I teamed up with Greg Almeida (Vista, Secret Gardens) to produce the song remotely. I recorded vocals with Chris Piquette at No Boundaries studios in Rhode Island and he mixed and mastered the track.

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