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Behind The Tracks: Realidades - Existir (Single) (2020)

I wrote "Existir" at a decisive stage of my adult life, the dilemmas were big, especially for a "young adult" or as they call it in Latam "chavorruco", which basically means you're no longer that young, so fundamentally I was at a stage where I needed to decided about my work life and what I wanted to do with my time. These decisions would directly affect my life.

Then I remember having been listening to Alexisonfire a lot, hence the choirs, I really like how AOF can make such an enjoyable but face-melting songs using background vocals so I decided to take the idea and present it to my friends.

In the end I know that many people will be able to identify themselves with the song because I am not the only one who reaches this crossroads, personally, I can tell you that it was worth taking the risk and following my heart, things after that were uncertain for a while, but everything fell into its place and I got a better job, my time belonged to me again and I stopped feeling trapped in a routine that I didn't want to follow the rest of my life.

Fun fact: In the final sing along, you can hear an interesting pitch, it's because we included some female friends and even a kid, her name is Luna, thanks Luna! We just did it without realizing how the tone of their voice would stand out in the sing along, and now that i hear it while writing this it reminds me of a xSet It Straightx Song, extra points to anyone who knows what i'm talking about.

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