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Track By Tracks: CRYOSPHERE - Constellations (2020)

1. Into Decay:

The first song on the EP is about the struggles of relationships and how persistence (amongst other things) is able to keep a relationship going and growing stronger. The lyrics are ambiguous in the way that they fit multiple types of human relationships spanning from romantic to occupational relationships. In a sense the song portrays the bands’ development from the beginning to this very moment.

2. I Am Become Death:

The second track is a very earnest song, about dealing with mental health; How to overcome hardships and how to, perhaps, deal with the internal struggle. The lyrics draw from personal experiences and they aspire to shed light on neurodiversity and mental health to break the stigma still remaining in today’s society. 

3. Nevermore:

The third song is lyrically written in duality. It is a clear story about the relationship between a child and a parent, drawing from personal experiences and feelings, but the song also doubles as take on the human experience and belonging.

4. Ashes To Ashes:

Ashes to Ashes is a tribute to David Bowie and deals with the topics of death and what comes after the physical departure. It has deep ties with religion, philosophy and serves as a commentarial perspective on general human existence anno 2020.

5. Constellations:

The outro on the EP is named Constellations and signifies the end of an era. The band wanted to mark the beginning of a new path. A long arduous journey has come to an end, through ups and downs, but we are curious about what is yet to come.

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