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Track By Tracks: Desecrate - Kingdom (2020)

1. Narcissus:

We tried to explain people's self-reliance, being an important person in their relationships and their strange behavior and narcissism. A fast paced song with guitar tunes and drums.

2. Chaos:

Governments are putting pressure on peoples all around the world and they control everything through mailed fist and fear. We tried to explain what armament makes people feel in countries where democracy cannot be implemented.

3. FTS:

The capitalist system is exploiting people all over the world. It makes people believe that they are self-satisfied, constantly consuming, weak in personal development, and can only glorify themselves with money. In fact, when we think of the whole universe, the world we live in is only a small point. We told people what it feels like to live the way the system wants. Every time we go on stage and we will shout all together FTS

4. Loneliness is The Kingdom:

People sometimes want to be alone. We describe the difficulties that a person will encounter in his life since the day he was born. He will create his own life, but things will never go the way he intended. As time goes on, those who become aware of corrupt humanity will choose to be alone. The following result will come out when we realize that people's frauds, infidelities, lies, and how they do not think about how they affect other people's lives. Loneliness is the Kingdom.

5. Warchant:

What an angry army says on the way to war is called the Warchant. We can say this is a struggle for life. The war of all mankind against life.

6. Cold of Death:

We talked about a warrior's feelings in his last battle. He is going to war even he knows he will die. and Gods are crying while waiting for death.

7. Shadows Witch:

People falls inner dark places of their souls. They are living in their Darkness... This song; he explains what was felt and experienced while this was happening. Of course, the name comes from the people who caused it.

8. My Darkness:

After pulling down on darkness by shadows witch there is a war between reality and feelings. All words has been written by himself what we are listening. we all, we will feel the cold of death.

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