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Track By Tracks: Hieros - Triduum (2020)

I: Each song roughly represents a particular stage in the “cosmic” pattern of reality. This first track is all about destruction, dismantling what currently exists, allowing chaos and vacuity to overtake reality. From a mythic point of view you can see this in the stormy waters of chaos that exist before creation, or in the precise moment when death begins to overtake an individual life. This stage is ritually enacted on Good Friday, when the death and descent of the logos is remembered.

II: This song portrays stagnation and hopeless stasis. The old order has been destroyed but nothing new has yet arisen to replace it. Things are just generally not fitted together in any meaningful way. Mythically, this corresponds to the concept of Hell, a realm devoid of any kind of organizing principle, where there is no possibility for meaning. This stage is ritually enacted on Holy Saturday with a solemn atmosphere of mourning that contains a hint of anticipation.

III: The final and most critical stage, that of renewed life, a new ordering of things that fundamentally transcends what once existed. Among the broken materials the divine principle enters and new meaning is created. At this point it becomes evident why the prior destruction and chaos was necessary; so that the pieces could come back together in a new and higher reality. This moment is ritualized yearly on Easter Sunday as we celebrate the new life now available.

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