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Track By Tracks: NORTHWOODS - What Binds You (2020)

1. The Sound of Walking Away:

With The Sound of Walking Away, we wanted to try something new, and do a spoken word piece to open up the EP. We wrote this about having to say goodbye to those who may mean more than anything to us. Sometimes you have to let someone go no matter how much they mean to you. And that feeling hurts quite more than anything else.

2. Everything Blue:

Everything Blue was written about feeling down no matter where you are. Even in a crowded room, you could feel alone. You try and try, but nothing works. 

3. Haunt:

We wrote Haunt to have a crushing chorus and to have the aggression side of Northwoods, while our melodious style is the latter of the song. Haunt showcased the Feeling like you’ve left a part of you elsewhere and being haunted by that thought.

4. Empty Space:

Empty Space is kind of a play on Ebb & Flow. Being stuck in a cycle and replaying memories in your head. It takes after Haunt, where you’re being haunted by old memories.

5. Love Alone:

Love Alone is the other side of us. Our aggression, while still holding true to our sound. Love Alone kind of speaks for itself. Loving that goes unreciprocated. And trying to show that person you love and care for them, but them not even giving you the time of day or respect back.

6. Coda:

Coda, well this one was supposed to take Key pieces of each song and tie them together. The ambience that would build up into something big.

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