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Track By Tracks: OSYRON - Foundations (2020)

1.The Cross:

Looking back on colonialism and extreme religious expansion, the early foundations of a civilized Canada began with widespread colonization by the European superpowers of the 16th and 17th centuries. Large populations of both English and French settlers found themselves amongst a free run, "lawless society" of First Nation subgroups, which gave way to a ruthless chess match of assimilation and warfare; while unfortunately bringing both together many times. This song reflects on how both religion and early extreme nationalism played a role in the branding of an ethnic group of people that were caught off guard by what was to come over the next 4 centuries.

2. Ignite:

During World War 1, Canada was still regarded as a Dominion of the UK and Great Britain. As such, its citizens and resources were to be treated as an asset in war and a pawn for the greater good of the commonwealth. This song explores the narrative from both perspectives (Canada and the UK) of what role Canada played in the First World War. Elaborating on the many sacrifices Canadian soldiers paid with their lives, and of laying the foundations of a sovereign Nation.

3. Battle of the Thames:

A historic and factual story retold within a folk song. This track recounts and pays tribute to the great First Nation warrior and Chief, Tecumseh, who, along with the British, led a great war effort against the Americans in the War of 1812. Unfortunately, he met his demise in the Battle of the Thames in modern-day Ontario during this war effort. A polarizing figure on both fronts, this song is a reflection on bravery and First Nation identity both within Canadian and American culture.

4. The Ones Below:

A standout, stand-alone song lyrically from the theme of the album, “The Ones Below” pays tribute to the loss of a loved one or friend who has left our world. Paying homage to the good times and not dwelling on the bad. An upbeat song of hope that is inspired by the clinking of frosty mugs with a gentle touch down on the table soon to follow. A salute to the ones below.

5. Foundations:

The final song and the title track of the EP, “Foundations” explores an in-depth story of a personal struggle and perspective towards Canadian Identity and culture. The most personal and reflective song lyrically on the record, “Foundations” speaks of the sacrifices that many cultures and groups (mostly First Nations) have had to endure to create the foundations of a modern Canada. In doing so, the song explores a detailed understanding of the cultural genocide that took place to allow European ideologies to be the bedding of a Canadian culture we know today. The lyrics were written from the perspective of a Métis person whose ancestor was ashamed of their background and assimilated into mainstream society. This causes them to view Canada's history as gruesome, unfair and unjust towards First Nations people and the laws bestowed upon them historically.

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