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Band Biographies: Absens

Absens, formed in 2015, is a progressive metal band initially founded by Cezar Tortorelli, Fernando Spalter and Guilherme Bettini. With the mission statement of providing an unique and intense experience, Absens merges diverse elements to compose a narrative that goes through different extremes of heavy music -such as complete orchestral arrangements, choirs, blast beats, guitar solos and epic choruses - all of each intertwined and measured in order to elevate the songs to perfection.

As a trio, the band released its first work in 2016, the Embrace of the Waters EP. The release, that had the production signed by Tiago Masseti (Daydream XI, Kingdom North), was a solid step forward as it received great acceptance by both local scene and some international networks. In 2017 Alberto Andrade completed the line-up and the group started working on its next project: the Martyr Saga, which consists in two conceptual EPs that tell a story about sacrifice in a post-apocalyptic world. Martyr Part I: Ignite was released on July, 2020.

Since its inception, Absens has already shared the stage with artists such as Luis Kalil (Solo) and Daydream XI and had the opportunity to have experts such as Tiago Masseti (Daydream XI, Kingdom North), Renato Osório (Keep the Blind, Hibria, Scelerata), Benhur Lima (Keep them Blind, Hibria, Daydream XI) e Brendan Duffey (Angra, Almah, André Matos, Nervosa, Torture Squad) on audio, technical and production works.

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