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Band Biographies: Insight

Originally formed in 2016 by Daniel Poblete, who was a member of two well-known bands into the Chilean undeground: HEMISFERIO and RIPPER. After the departure of both bands, he decided to join Carlos Contador with whom they began to compose themes strongly influenced by speed metal and with introspective, psychological, psychotic and depressive themes, all this sung in Spanish, this is how Marcelo Menares joined in the drums and Leslie Jiménez on bass (Hemisphere), with which they record their first demo "INSIGHT" edited by Infernakl Overkill and Street Metal Blasphemy in 2017. After the release of this first demo Marcelo would leave the band, Cristian Leon joining in the drums (Hellish, Hemisphere) and Javier Salgado on the guitar (Parckrest, Hellish, Hemisphere). With this stable line-up the partisan band in a series of shows causing expectation and demonstrating a serious and professional proposal in the growing Chilean Metal circuit.

Already in 2019 INSIGHT enters to record its first EP titled "NEURA" which takes 5 songs created between 2017 and 2018 and captures them on a new plate that will be released in late July 2020 under the label Australis Records. This new album NEURA shows a disc with the INSIGHT: Heavy Metal style frame, very nuanced with moments of technisimos, overflows of creativity, powerful melodies and above all much HEAVY METAL!!

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