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Band Biographies: Suicide Nation

Suicide Nation was born in 2006 in the city of Talca, Chile. In 2010, after 4 long years of work, the band would release their first official album independently, "ANOTHER WAY TO DIE" with 3 songs of their own and a Testament cover. Already with this EP as the main cover letter the band would make several presentations and begin with the recordings of their first full length "SHOOT TO KILL" released in 2012 under Australis Records. With a good reception from the media, SUICIDE NATION would begin to inscribe his name within the Chilean scene, which allowed him to perform a good amount of show in Chile and Argentina. In 2019 the band would again start working on their new full length, which would again be released under Australis Records and is titled "HALL OF VIOLENCE" work that shows the maturity and musical evolution of SUICIDE NATION executing a very violent and elaborate Thrash Metal, with clear influences from the sound of Kreator, Testament, Slayer and The Haunted.

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