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Band Biographies: Wolf Rd

When it comes to their sound, Wolf Rd refuse to compromise. The group’s debut EP “Nowhere Around You” combines the anthemic melodies and passion of pop-punk with metal and hardcore influences to forge a sound that is unique and genre-inclusive. Wolf Rd’s introspective lyrics tackle themes ranging from heartbreak and toxic friendships, to mortality and regret, in a way that is both relatable and profound.

Wolf Rd’s roots in the northwest suburbs of Chicago define their identity and influence not only the band’s sound, but the aesthetic associated with it. The artwork for “Nowhere Around You” features a train track crossing reminiscent of the group’s hometown – Des Plaines, Illinois – while the band’s name also pays homage to their upbringing. Remaining true to themselves, the suburban quartet strive to create cathartic songs that one can envision a legion of fans screaming along to at both sweaty DIY punk shows and packed arenas.

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