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Behind The Artworks: Absens - Martyr Part I: Ignite (2020)

When we envisioned the Martyr saga, we instantly knew that we would need to work with Tiago Masseti to help us shape the visual of this world we were creating. We have a lot of elements and key objects in the plot that needed a visual representation for the listener could dive into this story as deep as we did. We have some words from Tiago about the work on both this EP and the next one!

“This project was a lot of fun to work on – as challenging as it was – for the SciFi themes in Martyr are very familiar and exciting to me. Starting from this idea of a society segregated through technology and power and the whole duality of their two-part concept EPs, we were able to explore a very cinematic, gloomy, and epic aesthetics. The need of making two separate covers that, together, compose a single artwork, presented some challenges in itself. Both had to stand on their own while working as a single piece and the risk of one being cooler than the other was always there. Fortunately, I believe we were able to achieve something that complements the lyrical and sonic aspects of Absens’s music, aggregating value to the their storytelling.”

“Martyr Part I: Ignite” focuses on the mill where the plot took place so far. So... what do you think will come next?

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