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Behind The Artworks: Same Gods - Worried Eyes (2020)

I always find making art for my own bands to be particularly difficult. The amount of pressure that I put on myself is always elevated due to wanting it to be the most accurate representation of where I am as an artist. I always try and deliver the best work to my normal clients, but somehow, personal work can be a special kind of torture. Luckily, I escaped that problem this time, as the process from beginning to end was pretty seamless. I was mainly inspired by our band name, "Same Gods", but little details within the image were inspired by the lyrics and album title as well.

I must confess that when it comes to humanity and its relationship to organized religion, my gut reaction is to be very pessimistic. The cult of personality in leadership and "reality television" stars, seems to be what people actually worship in the day to day. The idea of organized religion continues to be a blurry re-tracing of its own ideology; perpetually and unapologetically morphing to influence, divide and subjugate. Unfortunately, this is the age-old story for most of human history. With that in mind, the image of a burning effigy, built on a crumbling foundation of rubble and lath, was what immediately popped into my mind and seemed to accurately reflect my feelings on this.

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