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Behind The Tracks: Major Moment - Flood (Single) (2020)

Happy to be back to Breathing The Core with our brand new single “The Flood”! We’re thrilled to hear what you all think of it, cause we personally consider this song to be our best one to date. Hope you feel the same way! It’s certainly one of the most important songs we’ve written, for multiple reasons.

Firstly, not only was this Sasha’s co-writing debut, but she also sings leads on “The Flood” for the first time ever. We wrote it during a very difficult time for Major Moment as a band, with all our bandmates giving up on the project, as they felt we were asking too much of them, and the alternative they offered was “scale it back, stop spending money, let’s wait a year”. Wait for what?! Instead, we decided to do the exact opposite - locked ourselves in our home studio, wrote all parts ourselves (with Andy Mead and Kevin Billingslea of The Halo Studio, our usual go-to team, helping us to fine tune those parts), and decided not to wait for a miracle that will never happen. We’re finding new fans daily, pursuing new opportunities we didn’t have access to in the past, working harder than ever, and are doing better than ever!

The second reason why we feel this song is so important right now is even though we started writing it a year ago, before Australian bushfires, pandemic, hoarding supplies, disregards for simple health directives, protests, riots and looting were happening, the message behind “The Flood” is as relevant today as it could’ve ever been. We couldn’t have possibly predicted any of what the year 2020 brought upon us so far, and we, of course, had our own plans shattered, but it’s amazing to see how what we were trying to warn of back then started to show through even more now.

All in all, “The Flood” is an anthem of strength and unity, both, on the personal level, and universally speaking.

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