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Track By Tracks: Alive Alone - Therapy (2020)

1.Death In Pretty Flesh:

This is the album's intro, we asked our producer Dave to make the first 30 seconds sound like it’s being played on an old record player. It’s a heavier song and I like it because I feel it shows our different musical influences. The lyrics are about dwelling on the past. Feeling like whatever improvements I made were futile, because they weren’t making me feel any better about myself at the end of the day 

2. Can’t Take:

“Can’t Take” came from me comparing my life and problems to others’. With social media I was doing this too often and that’s why I take breaks from it. Everyone's situation is different starting from the moment they’re born and for me, I realised it wasn’t healthy to compare myself to other people. 

3. Sorry:

“Sorry” is break up song about trying to let go of someone that you know isn’t good for you. It wasn’t gonna be on the album at first because it takes a more Pop Rock approach than what we normally make, but we decided to put it on the album because we liked the song. Weezer is one of my favorite bands and that’s the vibe I hear when playing this song. 

3. Bleed: 

“Bleed” is the album's interlude and is mostly instrumental. It’s about feeling like you’re always the runner-up and never someones first choice. I think I wrote it after losing a kickboxing match. 

4. Same:

“Same” is about living with the decisions that you aren’t proud of. It’s kind of dance-y and musically draws influence from Alkaline Trio. I wrote the lyric “Saw you today and my heart sunk out of my chest, I didn’t say what I planned for years in my head” after seeing my ex in a Walgreens parking lot. 

5. Not Now:

“Not Now” is about going through something at the worst possible time. It’s the most personal song to me lyrically and ends the album on a more positive note. The line in the chorus “Turn off the lights, dig deep tonight, it hurts, but know you’re not alone” is me realizing that you’re not alone in your pain, and there’s always someone who thinks that you’re worth saving.

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