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Track By Tracks: Mynskh - Chapter 01: Obliterating Perfection (2020)

1. The Amendment of a Cosmic Fault:

First Track and also the end of the story. The Hierophant forges the chain to pull down the sun, while memories of his people flashing through his mind. Ending in the obliteration of everything.

2. Entering the Age of Ascension:

Describes the ascension of the people of MYNSKH to a higher form of existence. The Hierophant scaling the Mountain - the ore sings

3. Atmaah:

The creation and fall of a twisted demiurge. A sick connection between the Mother and her children is formed leading to the conception of something that should not be.

4. The Black City, the Seduction and the Judgement of the Great Harlot:

Perfection is turning into boredom. The downfall of a million Gods. The reign of wretched urges in its extreme forms. The call of the Mother, leading them deeper into relentless aeons of agony.

5. A Screaming God:

A conjuration. A conception. A convergence. The Convergation of a massive scale. The Manifestation of Atmaah. Primal Darkness.

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