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Track By Tracks: The Naked High - Tap Into The Evil (2020)

1.Jewel of the Crowd:

Jewel of the Crowd is a classic rock track. It is based off of some fun that we have had on stage and off. The kind of gigs where you spot a pretty woman from the stage and have lots of fun after the show. It’s a song about the party. Lyrically it is inspired by the way Aerosmith would write. It has those sexual innuendos and metaphors with those dirty rock riffs.

2. Rebirth:

Rebirth is about finding rock n roll again after a time where I had been really depressed and not as passionate about music. It’s a song about being saved by music because without it things could have turned out for the worst. We attend the church of rock n roll every day. Every time we put that record on and spin it. Every time we go to the jam room we’re being saved. The song has a great solo and a lot of high energy and that is what we give off live.

3. Sleep Paralysis:

I still experience sleep paralysis. When we started putting the song together I knew that i had to have an eerie subject and when you have experienced sleep paralysis there is nothing stranger. I hear random sounds and static and I am frozen stiff like a corpse. I see creatures. I see demons. I have even met with the one they call the Night Hag. If you fight the experience it becomes more terrifying. I am lucky enough to embrace the experiences now and dive head first into a demonic dream world where anything can happen.

4. She’s So Marie:

We call this song our 90s hit. It has that sound that brings you back to that era of music. It is A track about a woman and a friend of mine that I admire. I admire her courage and heart. I live the typical 9 to 5 grind and it gets really hard on me. I am lucky to have music to cope with the repetitive work I do. Marie is sort of a gambler in that sense that she takes chances and follows her heart while leaving me to admire her way of life. Travelling and seeing the world and the sky in many different places. Sometimes responsibility is poison and for the moment I have been ingesting that poison but at some point you have to get rid of it and heal. The Naked High will spit that poison out when we hit the road and see the world.

5. Moon Turns Red:

A song about second chances and overcoming hardships. The opening riff was written from a vocal line under the influence of LSD. In 2015 I was in a psychedelic phase of in my life and you can go and listen to the first EP and that will be more clear. I took a hit of acid one night and tripped too hard and sadly I missed the lunar eclipse of the blood-red super moon. The last time we had this sort of eclipse was in 1982 way before I was born and the next time will be in 2033. I had a very introspective trip but I was sad to have missed this rare eclipse. I was taught a lesson under the influence and accepted that I would have a second chance to see the moon turn red and to never miss out on what life has to offer me from that point on.

6. Pull Of The Void/:

This song deals with the possibility of suicide. I was really depressed in the last couple of years and my mind wandered into terrible and dark places. It was extremely heavy to pen these lyrics down but also very rewarding and therapeutic and thankfully had a positive outcome. It comes from a time of sadness and great stress. A time where I was at my worst mentally. I always feel like I am being pulled into a dark place even when things seem good there is the devil dragging me towards him and the flames seem to become hotter as I age. It’s a song that is really heavy musically and it just felt natural to have a heavy theme.

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