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Track by Tracks: Slit Your Gods – Dogmatic Convictions Of Human Decrepitude (2020)

Cult Of Supreme Blasphemy, is an ode to eternal hatred of God, all his signs and representations. From our point of view, religion is a scourge, to see how people give themselves to God, as something to cling to, without seeing beyond the divine and the spiritual. To have the supreme power, to judge what is right or wrong, according to your beliefs. To follow the flock without even considering the idea, to think for themselves without having to abide by their rules, for the fear that their sacred order and their deity have imposed on them. A line to follow with some concepts, which are totally interpretable, that your spiritual guides use in their favor for their own benefit, which is none other than having their servants at their feet, frightened and that they do not leave the flock that they have created themselves. Our deepest everlasting hatred, god and his fan club!

Dragged By The Cross, speaks of the double standard that resides in the Catholic Church. About how they cover up their miseries and perversions, how their clergy have been for years and years abusing the most fragile that is the innocence taken from a child. How the power is silent and not accused, and see how impunity prevails at ease. How it can drag you into the depths of your being, making you descend into the darkest well and bring forth the most intrinsic and ferocious hatred that anyone can ever imagine. A voracious hatred towards their own symbol, which is the cross, their cross, that which they have hanging from their sweaty necks. Disgusting and lascivious beings, who move like reptiles and who hide dressed in their cassocks, their rags and their necklaces. Vile and soulless beings who preach the word of the divine while hiding their most deplorable intentions, thus dragging the most primitive feeling of hatred and rejection, to which one day their symbol and their priests will be subjected.

Scapulars Of Human Decay, A scapular is a garment that is part of the habit of some religious that consists of a piece of cloth that hangs on the chest and on the back, with the appropriate opening to pass the head.

When the infamous dark cloak of the Inquisition loomed over humanity and carried with it the most powerful of evils, which is without a doubt fear. The fear of the unknown, the fear of being able to think for oneself, fear of living freely, because temptation was a forbidden thing that paid for being accused of being a witch and dying at the stake. Talk about monsters dressed in cassocks and scapulars of faith. How the human being is governed by some dogmas, some dogmas, which accuse of blasphemy and sacrilege, all those who do not agree with their faith. Preaching to God and with the gavel giving. Hammer of witches, which will burn and descend into eternal fire, forever and ever, Amen!

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