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Track By Tracks: Tomorrow´s Rain - Hollow (2020)


It's the first song on the album and the first song we wrote as a band in the early days, to me this song sums up my life's story, we always open our shows with this song, I think it features all the elements that makes Tomorrow's Rain what it is, from the 80's gothic rock strong vibe and the exotic guitar sound a la "The Mission" to the doomier parts and even few Black Metal elements, but enough about technical talk – the lyrics are so personal to me and it's a very important song for me as a person, we recorded voices of kids in school break as the opening seconds of the song and they "return" in the last seconds of the song to make the cycle complete and to remind us all that deep inside we all carry within the feelings started in such an early age, we grow up as the trees, wither and re-live once we get our "water".

2. FEAR:

Wise man used to say “the more things change, the more they stay the same” and I shall bring you back in time to 1993 when I first heard "Turn Loose The Swans" and I felt that this can be done: dark metal music with pure intimacy and authentic feelings, without fear, strongly connected to the classic gothic 4AD bands sound but heavier and full of doom. this record was, and will always be a huge inspiration for me as an artist.

I was 18 back then, now we are almost 30 years later, at our 40's, we are parents, we been through hard times in our life's journey, I want to believe we are wiser and smarter and I still think "Turn Loose The Swans" is one of my all time favorite records. but now I can look at Aaron's lyrics in the eyes of a 43 years old man and I wanted the guy to sing with us in "Fear" and take part in the album which is for me, a light at the edge of the darkness.

It's our healthy place in this sick sick world, it's our little kingdom where we are really ourselves, it's our words, our songs, our art that will live long after we leave, it's the legacy we create and will remain afterward, it's the message of never give up to your fears, never surrender to anxiety, and knowing we can take strength from the people we love and carry on, always carry on, because One thing i can tell you is that you can never get rid of your personal demons, you can control them, you can minimize the damage, you can guide your mind to go to good places and train your soul to act and think differently but you can never get rid of these feelings, what i also learned is that it's legit to give them a voice sometimes as long as you control them and not the other way around, if we have a painful part in our soul we must embrace it as a part of who we are and not ignore it, we shall look at ourselves as a whole and not as parts, writing the songs in this album is a great example how to use this pain for a good and creative cause, and it's more important than how many records you sell or how many tickets you sell, its the ability to wake up in the morning without feeling panic attacks, without wanting to stay in bed for the rest of the day, its like "hey, i know you feel painful but instead of staying in bed and taking pills the whole day, lets write a song about these feelings, lets record it, lets release it, lets talk to other people around the world about it, just like we do now, lets spread the message of live a creative way of life instead of drown in your own sorrow, let's bang heads to this, lets rock it.


It's a song about Anxiety, about the battle with your own demons, and the worst enemy: inner fear.

Featuring 2 dear people most of you know pretty well: Greg Mackintosh (Paradise Lost) and Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ).

Both being a huge influence since the early days, and both keep the flame burnin' for more than 30 years.

i can easily point both "Gothic" and "Thy Mighty Contract" as a huge influence and two of the best metal albums for me.

I took the chance to salute Keith Richards and the Stones with " The cars, they pass me by, as the people staring silent" sentence.


It's a song about a dear close person who took the wrong path in life and became addicted to modern cult and mental slavery, It's not about being the jury and the judge but to express how sad I feel about it and how much I miss the early first days before that storm took control of that person's life (and money…).

I invited Fernando from Moonspell to sing with me on this one as I knew he will understand the idea behind the lyrics and we kinda grew up in the same values and roots in the early 90's underground scene, he did a brilliant guest appearance, it was a pleasure working with him in the studio, another friend of mine Mikko from SWALLOW THE SUN is doing some backing vocals here as well.


Simply about a destructive relationship I had with a women for 2 years and that relationship left me bleeding and devastated, torn mentally to pieces in the lake of regret and self destruction, It took years to recover, watch out for your heart people !


Warrel Dane was more than our friend, he was a mentor, an influence and was supposed to take part in the production of our debut album.

The idea was to fly him from Seattle to Tel Aviv to help producing the debut, we discussed the idea back and fourth and I felt he is the right person for the job and his lyrical agenda fits our vision perfectly, we are both huge fans of 80's gothic rock, both grew up on Bauhaus, Nick Cave etc, I was first introduced to him in the debut Sanctuary album "Refuge Denied" but it was Nevermore's 1995 debut album that really hit me, than "In Memory" and I found myself few years after promoting the Nevermore show in Israel and few years after Promoting Warre's special "Dead Heart" show, than we started to talk about our debut, and a year after I booked Sanctuary to play here in Tel Aviv, meeting him shortly before he left this world I knew in my heart that chances are "good" that I will never see him again, I felt something very wrong is about to come.. The death of Warrel hit me like a punch in the face, I was in the car with my Ex Girlfriend while suddenly got a text message "Warrel died". I never bothered to check online, I knew it is true, and I cried like a child, asking my Ex to play "Dreaming Neon Black" in the car for me, for him, I couldn't speak for a day.

We wrote "Into The Mouth Of Madness" about Warrel, for his memory, and the way I felt seeing a dear person fade away into the end and cannot do anything to stop it.

The song includes motives from his lyrical work in purpose, I played with the text to create an authentic reflection as close as I can to the feeling I had that day in the car.

Asking Jeff Loomis who I know for years to play Guitar solos in the "Warrel Song" felt like the right thing, in a way I felt I did a spiritual Nevermore Reunion, making Warrel happy by hearing his longtime friend playing these solos for him, and by the time I got the material from Jeff and heard his guitar work in the song – I felt his heart and soul longing for the good times they had together and for me it’s the best gift I could get, it was a highly emotional moment.

Jeff is one of my all time favorite guitarists not only because his technical abilities, but because you can always hear his heart beating in every solo and riff he brings to the table, you can hear it's him.


A song written by our Keyboardist Shiraz Weiss and we just added the final riff as a tribute to "With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness" by At The Gates kind of vibe, it's a personal song she wrote about trying to get back on track after life hits you really hard, punch you in your face, we invited Spiros from SEPTICFLESH to do the main growling there, Shiraz is doing the female vocals and I add my voice to the "party"…


Nick Cave is an idol, always been, so paying respect to him covering his song was natural for us, it's a kind of a tribute to the 80's goth rock/post punk scene we grew up with but we made the song in our style, adding elements and make it a "Tomorrow's Rain" song if you know what I mean, together with us you hear in the recording Kobi Farhi from Orphaned Land, Anders from Draconian and Lisa Cuthbert (session fem. Vocals on The Sisters Of Mercy).

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