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Band Biographies: Diabhal

Diabhal is an American death metal band from New York that started in 2019, started by vocalist and guitarist Tameem Shaker of the technical death metal band Necropia and guitarist Miguel Rodriguez of the crossover thrash band Enemy of the State, soon recruiting bassist Jonathan Rizzo also of Enemy of the State and drummer Ricky Rizzo of blackened punk band Zombie Culture, grindcore band No More Victims and Enemy of the State to complete the line up. Diabhal’s music is a blend of uncompromisingly ignorant old school death metal, blackened death metal, and deathgrind with horror themed lyrics all with a New York death metal attitude. Diabhal’s first album M M X X was written and recorded between May 2019 and June 2020 at Tameem’s home studio in New York and was first intended to be a 4 song demo. However during the writing process, it was clear that the songs deserved more backing, thus M M X X was conceived. Diabhal are currently working on new songs for their sophomore release due next year.

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