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Band Biographies: Hands Upon Salvation

Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 1998. Destruct was founded by 4 youngsters from the disbandment of their previous bands. After nearly 4 years running, several line-up changes, and recording several singles under the name "Destruct", we finally decided to change the name to Hands Upon Salvation.

In 2003, we recorded our first demo, and then this demo was released as our first album in 2004 by Diorama Records [Indonesia]. Consisted of 5 hardcore / metal tracks, the album titled "Celebrate The Newborn". Later on, the album also released by Dehidrate Records [Indonesia], Paranoid Records [Malaysia], Retribution Network [Japan], Forget The Pain Inc [Indonesia]

In 2006, Diorama Records released our first split project, a 4-way split entitled "A Simple Journey" with 4 other Indonesian bands: Breath of Despair, Moment Of Pain, and Disagree.

And the next project is Diorama Records [Indonesia] and Retribution Network [Japan] released our first international split project, 4-way split "The Burden Reflects" with 2 bands from Indonesia: Hands Upon Salvation, Nothing, and 2 more bands from Japan: Canopus, Gate Of Hopeless. In 2010, Birthdie Records [Indonesia] released "Celebrate The Newborn [Repackaged]” enhanced CD with 2 new songs addition, a music video, as well as a live video documentary.

In 2011, we entered the studio again to record 10 songs for a new album. "Entity" is the title we used for the album and released by Hellavila Records and later by several label including Forget The Pain Inc [Indonesia], and Toxictape Records [Germany]

Moving on to 2015, Diorama Records released a 3way-split CD between Hands Upon Salvation, Deconsecrate [Belgium], and Lies! [Netherlands]. Entering 2017, we got a split album with Stolen Visions entitled "Comprehensive Chaos and The Seek of Immortality". The split album was released by 3 labels from Indonesia, Samstrong Records, Heartcorner Records , and Forget The Pain Inc.

At the beginning of 2017 we returned to the studio to work on another album. The album then released as "Heresy". By 2018 "Heresy" released by Bound By Modern Age Records [Germany], Mark My Words Records [United Kingdom], Forget The Pain Inc [Indonesia], Jesuiscidal Records [Indonesia], Diorama Records [Indonesia] and is fully supported by the Hardcore Gateway webzine [ Belgium].

Present Line-up:

Agus Suryanto : Vocal
Yudhistira Gangga : Guitar
Yuan Ari Panji : Guitar
Daru Dwi Giyarto : Bass
Yanuar Surya: Drum


Facebook Pages : Hands Upon Salvation
Instagram : @handsuponsalvation
Twitter : @huslegions
E-mail :
Booking Contact : Agus Suryanto [+6287838601580]
Press Contact : Agus Suryanto [+6287838601580]

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