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Band Biographies: Universe In My Yard

Universe in My Yard is a progressive deathcore band from Bologna, Italy, founded in 2011 by singer Nicolò Alfei and lead guitarist Mattia Toschi.

In the same year the band releases an untitled demo, comprising of three tracks heavily influenced by the progressive and metalcore style of the era.

After a long break and a change in line-up, the band comes back in 2016 with its first EP titled “Cold Souls”, which features more deathcore and “djent” oriented sound compared to the previous release.

Other changes in line-up happen, leading to the entrance of rhythm guitarist Raffaele Sansone in 2017 and bass player Tommaso Profumo in 2019. 

This four-member formation is the one that will write, record and produce the band’s first full length album “Holographic Sight”, coming out July 23rd 2020. Quoting the band’s words, it will be a sonic blending of “death metal, progressive, djent and avant-garde”.

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