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Behind the Artworks: Nocturnis – Aporia (2020)

Is there something that makes our life worth living? Or is there just a big emptiness behind our existence and our actions? The lyricial theme of aporia seeps into the plain and cryptic design of the EP. The spider webs, which also appear in the logo of the band, enwrap the front cover. Beneath them, we can see the universe. Only a small opening is visible, in which the moon emblem of the band shines through. The idea for that composition comes from the song "Fleshbound Incarceration". "I just want to leave, leave my prison of flesh" - the figure stands for a kind of "flesh prison", from which we can't escape. The universe stands for the unknown, but also for the beauty which lies beyond our imagination. We are imprisoned, without a chance to act. This is also what the title of the EP stands for: Aporia - hopelessness/ perplexity, the impossibility to choose the right decision in a situation.

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