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Behind The Artworks: Thrasherwolf - Good Old Fashioned Violence (Single) (2020)

For good old fashioned violence we wanted to go a bit different, where as the last piece was painted with a more complicated feel to it we wanted something for this single that was bold, simple and impactful such is the nature of the song it’s going to be representing. We decided to look elsewhere for this change of style and so we looked toward an illustrator we know on Facebook with a very memorable name, I can’t quite put my finger on why we thought THRASHWOLF would be a definite winner for us but he ended up being more than we ever hoped for. This piece depicts two shadows on a brick wall filing it out splattering blood everywhere, the blood on the wall spelling “Good old fashioned Violence”. The colouring is bright compared to the darkness of the vortex’s piece and really gives our catalogue a variety in terms of style. The piece began when Dan sketched out a concept piece for it and sent it to Thrashwolf over Facebook. Thrashwolf was a pleasure to work with, always cheerful and willing to accommodate our needs yet applying his own spin and style to the sketch making it exactly how we felt it should be.

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