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Behind The Artworks: Thrasherwolf - The Vortex (Single) (2020)

This beautifully dark and extremely well painted 3 headed wolf swathed in clouds of black was actually a gift to us from an old friend of Dans. The piece has delicate details that aren’t too exaggerated making it a deep and interesting piece. She’s a wonderful painter/artist called Sarah Grimstone who we originally wanted to do the actual album art for We Are Revolution but for reasons beyond anyone’s control it wasn’t to be. Many months later we got a message with this amazing painting that she was gifting to us for nothing! We were amazed and touched at the generosity of such extreme talent and it just so happened the design worked perfectly with “The Vortex” as it looks like a tornado of wolves, truly brilliant coincidence. We snapped it up without a second thought and we really hope she does more for us on the future, paid of course; no artist is a charity.

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