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Behind The Artworks: Thrasherwolf - We Are The Revolution (2020)

The final piece we had made for this album launch was the full albums art piece which needed to be bold and say exactly what it said on the tin and as we had a lot of success with the art created by Thrashwolf in the bold art department we decided to head on back and for that same level of quality and aggressiveness only a thrasher like him can comprehend. The piece began yet again with a concept sketch done by Dan and sent through messenger. The piece has 4 Lycan warriors looking as if they are part of a militia/rising rebellion with machetes, AKs and flags with a dead politician at their feet and a smoking/burning city in the background. The piece feels dynamic and not overbearing but still manages to keep it dark and heavy. This was the piece that made usb realise a change in our logo would be needed as before id was Thrasher on one line and wolf on the other, this wouldn’t fit as we thought it would and so we decided to have it all on one line (also to stop people thinking Thrasherwolf was 2 words in regard to our name and identity) and make it big and bold, shadowed underneath to give it a dynamic feel.

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