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Behind The Tracks: Big Smile - Killdozer (Single) (2020)

Killdozer definitely tackles one of the toughest issues we've addressed as a band so far. It almost feels like a part 2 to our 2019 release 'Pillbox HillUSA, ', which took on a more lighthearted, indirect approach to the subject.

Even with a similar subject matter, Killdozer's dark lyrics and daunting melodies really bring a more harsh perspective on the issue of prescription addiction.

One of our hometowns of Dayton, OH. Has seen a particularly large number of hard drug-based issues and overdose deaths and after seeing how much it affected the ones we love in a city we cared about so much, we had to try to shed some light on the issue. 'Killdozer' suggests that big pharma is willingly contributing to the opioid epidemic by overprescribing young users, pushing unnecessarily harmful drugs, and creating a network of addiction by making users dependent on their product.

We recorded the song at Always Be Genius Studios in Indiana. Seth Henderson does such a good job helping us bring the parts together to actually make music out of what we've written. With lyrics like "they profit more from the disease than the cure" and "in business to make us statistics", Big Smile's 'Killdozer' is sure open some eyes and ears when it drops on Aug 21st.

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