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Behind The Tracks: Mr. Fartface - Nothing New Today (Single) (2020)

“The single was written by Martin after being rejected by a girl for a date, and then, we wrote the song together. The idea of the music video and the single is not to stop at the small disappointments of life. Despite the fact that the little problems follow one another and that there will be nothing new today, the small things in life remain the most important and the most fulfilling, as illustrated in our music video where we wanted to mix music, friends, party, sun, beach and skateboarding. Elements that make us love every day and that make us forget the daily problems.

We were able to shoot the video in Ostend, to have shots worthy of a great summer hit. We also shot most of the first scenes in Louvain-La-Neuve. The Covid severely limiting the filming facilities at the beach, we decided to use this constraint to our advantage and shoot at Lake Louvain-La-Neuve, a place that we particularly appreciate. The extras of the video are also strangers who crossed our path and we'd like to thank them.

The video was done quite quickly over the ideas of each and we are happy with the energy it gives off. We decided to stay true to ourselves and put everything we really love and our personalities first. It is also the opportunity to introduce our new bassist, Jim-Seth, who has just joined us to end 2020 in style!”

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