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Track By Tracks: Black Sun - Silent Enemy (2020)

This album is a concept album that depicts a story and transmits a message through the whole album. It is meant to be experienced as a whole with the short film based on the album and to be listened through, from the first track to the emotional finale.

1. Moebius:

The instrumental intro that lays the ground for the opening scene, ambiance and emotional setup for what’s to come.

2. Resist:

A powerful upbeat song with strong female vocals by Netta Laurenne that portray the emotion and the new sound of the band. The meaning of the song is directly related to the title. Resist and push through any situation or obstacle in your way.

3. Terror Zone:

Aggressive Priest-like beat with energetic and thundering vocals from Henning Basse. This song illustrates what one might feel during a war-zone, even if that war-zone is inside your mind.

4. Dark Mirror:

First instrumental track recorded by Black Sun. An emotional journey full of contrast between hope and dismay, between aggression and peace, but passionate all the way through. The band adds its own touch and personal taste for technical yet humble performance. Guest solos by JF Aguirre and Petri Lindroos are found in this track as well.

5. No Return:

Interlude track that binds the former with the last part of the story. A track that provides ambiance and thrills.

6. Still Alive:

The light at the end of the tunnel. A melodic, powerful and catchy metal hymn that features an array of multi-vocal performance by astonishing singers. It holds the final message that reveals the meaning of the whole concept album.

7. Finale:

The final track of the album, it’s an emotional instrumental track that provides the ambiance for a reflection at the end of the journey. Think of it as Ending credits score for the film but can be easily listened to on its own as well. Leaves you wanting more.

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