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Track By Tracks: The Bloody Hell - The Bloody Hell (2020)

1. Welcome to Hell:

We wanted to start off the album with something that would give the listener an overreaching insight into the vibe of the band and album. We try to mix catchy hooks and melody with distortion and aggression, to give a certain duality to our sound. The track starts with a peaceful yet amorously doomy sounding piano, played by guitarist James Densley, with the band slowly creeping in with noise, distortion, and aggression until it all reaches a climax and breaks like a tidal wave over a peaceful beach. The original name for the song was “Beautifully Ugly”

2. Last Word:

Probably our most aggressive song, this distorted bluesy song is a hard-hitting number that borders on a straight metal sound. Full of punchy drumming and soaring guitar licks, it's been a staple of our live sets from the very early days of the band. The lyrics are essentially about a situation where you are told that you can’t do something or will never amount to something, so you use that as your motivation to accomplish that particular goal. Again it's probably our most aggressive and spiteful song on the album.

3. Diggin:

This is a fun and cliched song that sort of gives nod to the horror punk bands that have inspired our vibe. The classic dig up your dead girlfriend lyrics with a repeating chorus hook and a few cool transitions and ripping solos. A demo version of this was our first ever release, so it's nice to have it re-recorded and included on our debut album. It will always be a fun song, although we’ve outgrown it in our live shows

4. Evil Everywhere:

This might be my favorite track off the album and a big part of why it was the first single we released in support of the album. Built around a back and forth to turn around blues structure, I wanted to write a song that was socially satirical but not too preachy from one side or another. Kind of in the vein of “We didn't start the Fire” by Billy Joel but with simpler and more to the point lyrics. I've always been fascinated with various occult and conspiracy related topics so this song and the accompanying video were a great chance for me to add my own voice to that world.

5. Speed Demon:

This song is written about a personal experience involving sexual exploration and the open road. We don’t play it anymore cause we’re not a macho rock band that's all about sex. It's a little misogynistic in hindsight.

6. Out of Our Minds:

This is probably the song with the most pop sensibility on the album. It's still a hard-hitting ripper with lots of aggression, but the twisted love story and earworm guitar hook give it a more friendly vibe than some of the other tracks. This song was also inspired by a personal experience of being in over your head, both in love and substance abuse.

7. Drink Myself to Death:

We really draw on our dirty blues influence with this song. With an upbeat riff and sleazy slide guitar, it's not hard to see why this song is a crowd favorite of our live show. It's our twisted version of a party rock song smashed together with dirty blues guitar and blood-curdling vocals. I actually wrote this song when I was a teenager so the lyrics are a little juvenile, but they fit the spirit of the song well I suppose.

8. Uncharted:

We wanted to end the album with a banger so this song was a natural choice. It’s full-on punk rock speed and aggression and definitely doesn't pull any punches. The song actually came to be when I wanted to challenge myself to write a song as simple as possible, using as few chords as possible, while still creating something interesting that we could be proud of. The lyrics are based on another personal experience of leaving behind your life to venture out into the unknown. The album artwork was actually done by our guitar player James Densley, luckily for us, he is a professional graphic designer. We wanted something to convey what the overall vibe on the album is, and skulls and pentagrams do the job quite nicely. The original concept was more focused around the band logo, which was fine, but the addition of the skulls and pentagram definitely added the level of darkness that took the design to the next level. Hopefully, the design conveys to the listener where our music comes from and that we are not afraid to tackle taboo or occult subjects.

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