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Track By Tracks: Illuminated Minerva - Enigma Adamantine (2020)

1. Heart Beat of Creation:

Opening up ENIGMA ADAMANTINE with a universal bang, THE HEARTBEAT OF CREATION sets the tone of the album with monstrous grooves and spacey cleans matched against the backdrop of extraterrestrial human origins and universal creation.

2. Sightings:

SIGHTINGS is the track for those who ‘want to believe’! Odd time signatures, throbbing bass, and first-hand accounts of unknown aircraft frame the question of are we alone.

3. Abductions:

Two bros, one alien abduction. A musical retelling of Charles Hickson’s account of his abduction on the Pascagoula River. Progressive movements mixed technical riffs recount the mind-blowing tale of these two friends.

4. Wilder (Mother Goddess):

An onslaught of technical brutality set to a narrative of biology, reptilian beings, and ritual. Slithering guitar, ancient rhythms, and ripping bass cut deep in this track.

5. Illuminatus Majoris:

The capstone of the album brings beautiful, melodic progressions weaving a web of power, greed, and corruption. Building into a powerful climax, searing leads and an explosive outro close out the album... although a final message remains.

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