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Track By Tracks: Journey Into Darkness - Multitudes Of Emptiness (2020)

1. Into Nothingness (Intro):

The final minute of life

2. To Be Human Is To Be Inhuman:

The history of mankind is littered with the atrocities of man on a massive scale

3. Programmed to Die:

Death is written into the fabric of the universe, from DNA to nuclear decay

4. Desolation (Interlude):

The unprovoked feeling of melancholy

5. The Insignificance Of:

The universe is infinitely larger than our lives

6. Sending Death:

The absurd notion of thanking a god for all the good but never condemning for the suffering and death

7. Intergalactic Space (Interlude):

A spacey trip in the vastness of the cosmos

8. Multitudes of Emptiness (Instrumental):

Life is empty, the universe is empty, everything is empty

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