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Track By Tracks: Kosmogonia - Enthrone The Gods (2020)

1. Θεοί γαρ εγγύς (The gods are near):

Our journey in the ancient word begins by calling the memorable warriors who bravely died during the glorious battles of the past but also the gods that will protect them in the Elysian fields.

2. Elysian fields:

This song is a hymn to commemorate and honor the warriors who died during the illustrious battles of the ancient Greek world.

3. Enthrone the gods:

This song is about the rase of the gods back to Olympus which symbolizes the rebirth of the ancient spirit and cosmic harmony.

4. Raven’s call:

This is the story of a little girl who is the heir of a kingdom that has been plundered and destroyed. Due to this tragedy she becomes an orphan and with the help of the king and god of the ravens she seeks revenge.

5. Dionysian song:

A hymn to the god of wine, happiness and carefreeness. A song for the moments of relaxation and peace.

6. Melody of Persephone:

This is the story of Persephone through the eyes of Pluto and her decent to Hades.

7. One lost army:

A song for all these western ground forces that tried but got defeated as they were fitting in the East for their beliefs, narrating the story of Europe and its eternal will to travel through the eastern world starting from the ancient times up until the Middle Ages.

8. Legacy of Myrmidons:

A hymn to the renowned clan of Myrmidons which was the army of Achilles, the greatest warrior of the Trojan period.

9. Daughter of Zeus:

The mesmerizing story of a nymph who gave birth to lots of great warriors after sleeping with Apollo. This song is basically a myth that tells the story of Greece. 

10. Triiris (Trireme):

A hymn to the greatness of ancient Athens and its domination over the seas.

11. Pandora’s fall:

Due to her mistake Pandora falls off Olympus and therefore there’s an upcoming revenge on the gods. Through this conflict though, hope is born.

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