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Track By Tracks: Nocturnis – Aporia (2020)

1. Fleshbound Incarceration:

In the figurative sense, Fleshbound Incarceration is about the complete loss of control when fully conscious and the corresponding psychological consequences.

This song is portrayed in such a way that the lyrical self in this case represents an intensive care patient whose body is kept alive by machines. The problem for the lyrical self is that it is fully conscious and thus notices everything around itself. This also has a psychological effect on the lyrical self, since it only wants to die but is not allowed to.

2. Everlasting Circle:

Everlasting Circle is about time. The question is asked whether everything has a beginning and an end or whether life or being itself only turns in an eternal circle. Furthermore, it is discussed whether time or life itself has any meaning at all.


In Predicament, the subject of animal experiments is dealt with in the abstract. In this song, the lyrical ego represents a scientist who carries out many gene experiments on animals and lets human organs grow in them. Of course, the animals suffer from these experiments. The whole thing goes so far that the lyric self sees itself as God, goes crazy and in the end kills itself and the animals.

4. Dimness Of Vision:

Dimness Of Vision deals with a very topical problem. It is about the radicalization of humanity, both politically and socially. It shows a person who only sees the world in black and white. But despite this narrow point of view, the song indicates that there is still a spark of reason in such people and that they are not lost.

5. Gaias Revenge:

Gaia's Revenge is another song with very topical content, as it shows the ruthless destruction of the earth by man. At the beginning of the song, the lyrical self realizes when it sees itself in front of the ruins of its homeland, which was destroyed by a tsunami, that the earth is anything but happy with humanity and is now taking revenge.

6. A Path To Nothingness:

A Path To Nothingness deals with a topic that everyone of us who has had to say goodbye to a loved one has experienced, namely the feeling of not having said goodbye to the person properly, not having said everything or not visiting that person often enough and there is no longer any chance.

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