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Track By Tracks: Sadistic Embodiment - Blood Spell (2020)


Right off the bat, we establish the overarching tone of Blood Spell with this fast-paced track. This song illustrates the inner dialogue of a person rotting from the inside of their own mind. This song is driven by personal experience and the dark outlook during the end of life and dementia.

2. Gallows Hill:

Jason leads vocals in this thrashy and high-energy mosher. Delve into the lyrics and reminisce in brutal and unforgiving historic times.

3. Catherine’s Braid:

Our first single for a reason. The chorus will convince listeners to pound their fists and chant. The intro and choruses feature the wretched growls of Calvin (Org666) Fehr of Dead Jesus. Watch our lyrics video and take in the imagery of an individual experiencing their slow and brutal sentence, being broken on the wheel!

4. Phantom Tormentor:

This track is all about nightmares, post-traumatic stress, and hallucinations. The driving relentless rhythm mixes with tortured vocals and plenty of subliminal content throughout. Lyrics written and performed by Wally and sourced from a dark place of personal experience.

5. Nebula (Call of the Void):

Our first ever instrumental track. Simple in its conception by the band, it was carefully crafted by Wally and Jason in the studio into a spacey and powerful journey into the idle mind. It is meant to evoke introspection while simultaneously illustrating our infinitesimal existence, an excellent pre- curser to Suicide Ceremony.

6. Suicide Ceremony:

Ever been to a bath salts party? It’s a great ol time with self-mutilation and assisted suicide. This is a melodic song. One of our shortest and sweetest.

7. Global Enema:

Jack Nicholson once said, “this town needs an enema” in Batman. Fast forward to 2020. Simply a groovy and heavy track with no extra fluff. Enjoy the duality that rears its ugly head later in the song when Curtis pipes in and the guitars tremolo pick. The lyrics were sourced from the unused Sonorous Odium library circa 2011. Curtis felt that now, more than ever, this world needs an enema.

8. Flesh Deposition:

Tune it down and ease into Flesh Deposition. Slowly pounding and an excellent headbanger. This track ebbs and flows with both strong rhythmic and melodic sections. To top it off, Justin Bender of Third Ion guest solos!

9. Cerebral Termination:

Terminating the album with an explosive and catchy track, intricate drumming really drives the melodic nature of this one. Lyrically it is about stress, anxiety, and isolation. The subtly technical guitar lines dance a dissonant duet to accompany the progression into madness.

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