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Track By Tracks: Scordatura - Mass Failure (2020)

So the lyrics have kind of stuck to the same general theme, not a concept album though. We decided to go with something along the lines of stuff that has happened and is happening in the World.

1. Disease Of Mind About:

Ed Kemper the "Hitchhiker Killer" and his span of crimes in the 60's and 70s.

2. Skin Trophy:

This track is about an old army General who performed horrific experiments out on prisoners

3. Nothing But Dust:

A personal favourite of mine The lyrics reflect on the life and death of Jeffrey Dahmer aka the "Milwaukee cannibal" or the "Milwaukee monster"

4. Contorted Existence:

This is about a meth head from liverpool, UK who cable tied and tortured his girlfriend

5. World Devoured:

Trident explodes and vapourises the UK.

6. The Flesh That Hates:

Relentless casualties living in the aftermath of the Trident explosion.

7. Mass Failure:

This track is about the human race messing around with things they don't fully understand, inevitably ending all of life on Earth.

8. Immense Atrocity:

One casualty from the Trident explosion is actually a psycho murderer and decides to horendously murder another casualty for no reason just before the virus takes them both out

9. Collapse Of Humanity:

All about the ignorance and greed of the humanity that we are all forced to live with everyday, and how one day humanity will be the cause of our own downfall

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