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Track By Tracks: Thrasherwolf - We Are The Revolution (2020)

1. Vermillion steel:

Vermillion steel is one of the very first songs I had written, it’s one big huge metaphor for battling ones inner demons which in this case takes place inside a coliseum in hell where your demons are invincible warriors decked out in armour made of vermillion steel. It’s meant to represent how difficult it is to face ones demons in life and that they’re difficult to bear. I wrote it for people who don’t have the confidence in beating their inner demons, to give them some hope. 

2. Good ol' fashioned violence:

D'ya ever come across that one person that you just hate? Like really hate?! Maybe they did something to you in the past and you just can’t let it go or maybe someone you’ve observed who’s impacted you negatively in some way? Well this song is about that and about what you might do to them under a fit of violent rage. It was written because it’s what I see in the world too, lots of anger, tears and frustration. Feels good to let it all out sometimes and I hoped this song could be relatable.

3. The Vortex:

This song takes the concept of the spiral mosh pit, the beautiful and stunning spectacle within a sea of headbanging souls and likens the spiral pit to a destructive force of nature ripping and tearing through the world destroying all in its path, the metal it worships fuelling it onwards. This song was written to get the crowd moving, to be that song that the crowd can just get relentlessly energetic to.

4. The pack:

This song was written as an ode to our fans and to those who may want to be our fans in the future. A song that gives our fan base an overall identity as an entity, the Thrasherwolf Pack! It talks of joining the slaughter, that we are never silent and that we live through our own conviction, never being sorry for anything.

5. Ruins:

Ruins is the beginning to a series of songs written to help explain human concepts and emotions that some may find difficult to express, talk about or even explain. Ruins is about depression and personifying it as can be heard in the section that starts with “I am your torment, I am your pain”. The song splits between the victim talking about the nothing they feel in this “hole” their lost within and the personification of their depression telling them how worthless and controlled they are. This song is our fade to black and I really hope that at least one person can relate to this song and use it as a means to a least feel a little better.

6. Vanity:

Vanity is another song in the series of explaining concepts and emotions that cannot be easily explained and this one explores the concept of narcissism using the mirror, mirror on the wall format. It splits between the narcissists view point and exposition following the Snow White theme. Musically I wanted to try something different with this song, make it slower and heavier to accommodate the evil of the narcissists view point.

7. Blood moon:

This song is what I like to call an epic. A lengthy monster chock full of chunky riffs and catchy thrash which was written to accommodate the wolf image a band called Thrasherwolf should have. It is a song about a lycanthropic ritual by those that worship the blood moon as their god, They sacrifice those who are not worthy and force the ones who cut the mustard to join their ranks all for the purpose of bringing forth the “wolf god” (no spoilers for future songs). 

8. Words of revolution:

This song acts as an introduction to the song WAR. It’s the rallying of an oppressed people under the words of our protagonist, the leader of the militia against a corrupt, murdering and unjust government who abuse the people and the country for their own gain. Written to give the epic that is WAR that much more of the contextual importance a story like this needs.

9. WAR (we are revolution):

This song is a monster! The title track for the album and rightly so follows on from the intro Words of Revolution into a mix of catchy heavy riffs and neck ripping thrash. This song was actually originally gonna be a Vikingesque song about a bloody battlefield but I’m so glad that I changed it to what it is now. It tells the story of the protagonist/leader and the angry oppressed masses rising up and taking the city streets as they march and destroy all in their wake to reach the governmental houses, it explores the protagonists archaic fantasies as he slowly gets corrupted by the power he has as a leader seen through the “come on tell me what you want, I will tell you what you want” section as well as the verses after the first chorus. Writing it was really fun and the process seemed never ending, it feels like the length of the song is natural and not forced, you know when to end a song when you write it, for me it’s just how it feels; when it’s time to stop, stop.

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