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Track By Tracks: Wings Of Destiny - Ballads (2020)

1. Live Again (feat. Marco Garau & Ivan Giannini)

This song is about a new reality we are living in, whole pandemic consequence, it is a call to start to live again and represents also certain critics to social distancing among other themes such as «all the things we are missing trying to stay alive» (life is too short to live it as a prisoner of circumstances...).

2. Under the Moon (feat. Mike Vescera)

This song is about a sacrifice of Jesus Christ for humanity (initially it was part of the «Revelations» concept album). This is an alternative re-arranged version with Mike Vescera participating as an additional guest vocalist in a duet with Anton Darusso.

3. One more Lie (feat. Victor Smolski):

This song is about betrayal, toxic love relationship. It is about someone who shares his life with a pathological liar that cheats constantly... It is deep suffering that generates personal tragedy.

4. Time Will Tell:

This song is a very personal reflection on life on quarantine and thoughts about how the future will affect our lives, since nothing is gonna be the same anymore... Anyone could be related to this song, since we all are living in these crazy times and we are all questioning how our future will be...

5. Here we Go (feat. Chemel Neme):

This song is about going into the fight with evil, the main character is part of angel`s army going into a fight with the darkness and demons. It is a battle hymn and this is an alternative re- arranged version with Chemel Neme participating as an additional guest vocalist in a duet with Anton Darusso.

6. Forever (feat. Timo Tolkki):

This is an alternative version of Stratovarius hit written by Timo Tolkki that actually counts with a special guest appearance on acoustic guitar by the author. The arrangement and vocal melodies are created to give this song a new life and a new interpretation, this song is reflections about life, childhood, fatherhood, etc.

7. Winter Dreams:

That song is a metaphoric narration of a dream, its a reflection on fantasy and mystery of falling asleep during a cold winter night, inspired by the personal vibe and feeling. Each one can find very deep and personal meaning in it.

8. Eye of the Storm (re-mastered) [originally from «Kings of Terror» album]:

This song describes a single moment in time and recreates the possibility of finding yourself in the center of the storm where time stands still. So it is about our reaction when something big is happening, they say you can see your whole life in the moment of death. So this storm can be our life and eye of the storm could be this «memento mori».

9. Wake me Up (feat. Henning Basse), orchestral version [originally from «Revelations» album]:

That song is about a coma patient and his or her desire to wake up, it's his or hers call for the loved one near him or her, main words that clearly characterize the whole meaning are: «Wake me up... before I am gone...». This song was inspired by the mystery and conditions of lethargic sleep, (initially it was part of the «Revelations» concept album).

This is an alternative re-arranged orchestral version with Henning Basse participating as additional guest vocalist in a duet with Anton Darusso.

10. Siren`s song (re-mastered) [originally from «Kings of Terror» album]:

This song is about the pirate's legends of the siren`s call that attracts a sailor and guides him to the imminent death. It is certainly based on the metaphoric narration of something similar that can be experienced in real life by chasing unreachable dreams and wasting your life... This song has a special guest appearance of the Costa Rican opera singer Rebecca Malavassi who added drama and her amazing very particular crystal voice.

11. Speed of Light (bonus track) [originally by Stratovarius, Timo Tolkki era]:

This was just a bonus cover of Stratovarius hit that was part of the band`s legacy after touring Mexico with Timo Tolkki, the recording was triggered by the great fans` reaction to bands` alternative interpretation that is following the original arrangement, nevertheless always adds very particular own sound of the band guided by Anton`s vocals.

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