Band Biographies: Metalriff

Formed at the beginning of 2017 by Leonel Contreras (Guitar and voice), as an old School Thrash Metal band with the incorporation of melodic and modern touches. In July of that year METALRIFF would record their first EP titled Pray or Die which consists of 4 tracks, with which the band would become known on the Chilean scene. A year later in July 2018 the band would release their first full length BLINDED which would consist of 8 songs and 39 minutes. With this album the band would consolidate generating a number of good presentations throughout Chile and seeking a greater projection and dissemination of their music, this is how they began to record what would be their new full-length UNDER MY SKIN, an album with a Musical evolution very marked with a more aggressive sound and faster guitars, and this is how in August 2020 METALRIFF publishes its second studio album UNDER MY SKIN under Australis Records label.

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