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Behind The Artworks: Fleetburner - Fleetburner (2020)

The artwork was made by Stuz0r, an artist of unbelievable skill who makes the most amazing worlds in 3d.

I approached him about the album and this particular artwork, to me, stands for the pivotal moment in the album where man has come to a breaking point and can carelessly throw another over. Cast one out. The peace, the quiet in which these moments happen is on such a massive scale, you simply cannot fathom it.

Anyone who has ever really severed ties, passive or active, will know this quiet, this cave of forlorn echoes in which screams only come back at yourself.

It’s a harrowing picture that means so much to me it’s hard to look at. The interior of the vinyl has yet another artwork by Stuz0r, that I will leave open to interpretation, but suffice to say that having Stuz0r make the artwork for this album is a tremendous honour. He is one of the greats, in my humble opinion, and every single piece he creates sings, speaks or screams.

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