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Behind The Tracks: Ask Carol - Do It In LA (Single) (2020)

"Musically we were inspired by so many things on "Do It in LA", and I think you could also hear our growing up in the 90s shining through, whether we like it or not. The instrumentation is based on our musical set up, with mainly drums and guitars, adding to that a little modern inspiration in the keys/synths. A contrast to our often more melancholic music, we needed some feel-good music in our not so cheerful times.

Everyone has an opinion about the celebrity scene, but who hasn't dreamt of being a Hollywood star? We have visited LA a few times and have many friends there, so we have made our observations and got a taste of the atmosphere there. It is definitely a melting pot. Those are some of the things that inspired us to make this song. Half satirical comedy about the shallow, plastic fantastic society, half an honest testimony to us dreaming ourselves away to sunny Californ-i-a, and LA.

To give you the rest of the story, in April this year, we, Ask Carol, finally got set up for a meeting with some big shot management in LA, which we had been working towards for a long time. We were supposed to fly in around the middle of April, but we all know what happened... So, with all travels out of the question, we were stuck in the middle of nowhere, with internet-speeds from the 90s. "What do we do now?" we thought. In need of a distraction from our frustrations, we made this song, "Do It in LA".

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