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Behind The Tracks: Depraved Will - Cycle Of Fear (Single) (2020)

Cycle of Fear was the first song ever written by our band, Depraved Will. Whereas the instrumentals had already been written by our guitarist, bass-guitarist and drummer, it took a while to find the appropriate lyrics that would match the general theme of the song.

The general instrumental outline of the song consists of a repetitive structure with a recurring refrain and chorus, hence asking for lyrics that would follow this structure. Given this outline, it seemed fitting to come up with a process or cycle of some sort – specifically, a ‘dark’ one.

In writing songs for our setlist we found it fitting if all songs would meet some general theme, or tell some story for that matter. Cycle of Fear describes the ambiguous nature of fear and its relation to human beings. On the one hand, fear is a negative state of being; on the other hand, fear is a state of being mankind cannot do without. Consequently, we felt that the state of fear can be described as a cycle which led quickly to the current title ‘Cycle of Fear’. When listening to our song we hope our fans can relate to the contents of the song and understand the cycle as it has been written down.

That being said, we are very proud of Cycle of Fear after having invested our time and effort in this song. We hope that everyone who listens to it will enjoy the final product as much as we do and naturally, more is coming ...

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