Behind The Tracks: Show Me Your Universe - Coma (Single) (2020)

This title was composed during the summer of 2019 in a different process from what we are used to do, this time we did jam sessions all together, each one bringing either an initial idea or a contribution to the global idea.

Without imposing limits in the instrumental writing, we took the time to work on all the arrangements and then we went to record this song at DNA Music Studio with Nicolas Delestrade (Novelists) who made the recording, mixing and mastering of it. 

The EP in general treats in a metaphorical way situations in which we can get stuck. "Coma" is a title that mainly deals with the theme of isolation and depression. The fear of expressing oneself, and the vicious circle that all this generates all the time. 

The lyrics are written in such a way that the listener can adapt his or her own personal experience to the text, and thus find his or her own meaning in it.

The person who played the role of the main actor for the clip of this title is a metal welder/sculptor (Intagram: @tours2manivelle). During the shooting, he made this work that can be seen in some scenes of the clip. This sculpture is called "Le dernier cri". It represents, in our opinion, the idea expressed in the text of the title "Coma" (Isolation...).

Quite naturally for the choice of the artwork we turned to a photograph of it.

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