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Track By Tracks: AFTYN - Minutia (2020)

1. Seeking:

“Seeking” is the first track on the album and was originally written as an instrumental. We put a short poem-structured song over it to give an overview of the album's themes: searching for purpose, giving up on old bad habits, finding yourself and experiencing life as it comes at you.

2. Sunday:

“Sunday” is a song meant to reassure you. The main message behind this song is that everything is going to be okay. One day, you’ll look back on the bad times and come to find that maybe they weren’t as bad as you thought they were.

3. Anymore:

“Anymore” is a song about feeling empowered after dealing with someone who makes you feel powerless. The line in the chorus, “I don’t owe you anymore”, is the main message of the song. People who occupy our peace of mind and wellbeing have an ability to take hold of our emotions, even after they’ve left our lives. “Anymore” is a song about no longer owing someone any earthly possessions, your time, or your mental well-being.

4. Sojourn:

“Sojourn” is a song about questioning your path in life. Things you once thought were your plans can change quickly. Sojourn is a word meaning “a temporary stay”, and for some chapters in our lives, that's just what they are: temporary. 

5. From Where You’ve Been:

This song serves as the afterthought to “Sojourn”. “From Where You’ve Been” is from the perspective after your life goes in a direction you didn’t plan. You find yourself somewhere you didn’t think you’d be, without certain people you planned to be with and with others you hadn’t. “Isn't it funny/where you are/from where you’ve been”. Looking back on the trajectory you had planned for your life versus where you ended up isn't necessarily a bad thing. It shows how you are ever changing as a person and becoming a new version of yourself as time goes on.

6. Baby:

“Baby” is a song written about a best friend of mine, Makayla. We have worked the same job together for years and our friendship outside of the workplace has blossomed through it. She's a person that I can not only cry or vent to, but also a person who makes me forget my worries and fills me with unbridled joy. She is a source of comfort and an important constant in my life. I like to write songs about things I love in this world, and she is definitely on the top of that list.

7. To Be:

“To Be” also ties into the themes of “Sojourn” and “From Where You’ve Been”, in the sense that it's about a part of your life that was unplanned. This song is looking back on things if they had been different. If you'd had one more chance to do something or if something hadn't happened. But, with all things in life, events are mostly out of our control. It is what we do with what we’ve experienced that counts.

8. Minutia:

The title track of the album is deeply personal to us as it deals with our relationship to each other. Our year and a half long friendship turned romantic, however we were both unaware that we had feelings for one another for some time. “Minutia” is about the perfect person being right in front of you, but not realizing it and wishing you had earlier. The great thing about our relationship to each other is that no matter the circumstance, friends or more than that, everything we experience together happened at the right time and, if anything, strengthened where we are now.

9. Fallin’:

This song is actually a cover of a Stone Baby song, which is my father’s band. He allowed us to rework the song and make it our own. Some special things about this song that we love is just how simplistic it is lyrically and universal the feeling of falling in love is.

10. Seneca:

“Seneca” is an “Anymore” part two. It has the same chords and melody, and the words are only slightly different. The only difference in message is letting the other person(s) know that they don't owe you anything either and all ties are cut.

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