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Track By Tracks: Autocatalytica - Powerclashing Maximalism (2020)

1. Borndun:

An obvious nod to Meshuggah, heavy, expansive and with just the right amount of weirdo groove, written generally about the current political situation and as an excuse to play the low string on my 8-string.

2. Zippler:

A mix pretty much right down the middle of Protest the Hero and the Mars Volta, it’s zippy, groovy, and’s got some chaos thrown in for good measure, written about the illusion of free will.

3. Trash Serum:

A stomper that mixes groovy D’angelo-esque verses with crushingly heavy refrains. Written about the dire state of conversation in our world.

4. Cheggo:

A jazzy take on Math rock with its fair share of freneticism, featuring the amazing Derek Serbin on Saxophone

5. Dukka Dukka:

The first song written for the record, it’s a tickly and recursive exploration of a motif I ganked from a snippet of a lead a friend of mine once played. Equal parts heavy, groovy, and disorienting.

6. Bananas Have Potassium:

My take on ethereal progressive bluegrass pushing the limits of what is reasonable to be played on a dreadnaught acoustic guitar. If anyone’s seen Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves I hope you’ll recognize the title.


A lush lament about the daily loop of suffering and desire we find ourselves in, featuring my ever-astounding friend Amy Beth Anders on vox.

8. Graveo:

A big warm ethereal arrangement of a dearly missed ex-bandmate of mine’s song.

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