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Track By Tracks: Enigma Experience - Question Mark (2020)

1. Realityline:

This song is about social media and how it affects the goals of people today. How it will affect evolution and our future. How what may seem lie a easy to access ego-boost and uplifting at first easily turns out to be a burden.

2. Lonewolf:

The lyrics are about suffering from and handling the pressure of the world, and the expectations from society that push you into a corner when feel different. It’s about daring you to be yourself, to let your creativity loose and to live like you want to live - it’s your life.

3. Mighty Mind:

An abstract reflection of thoughts and the fact that your mind is mighty when and can be your best friend or your worst enemy, but you don’t want to be without it. You don’t want to be alone.

4. Corruption:

The title makes it rather obvious what this song is about: bad. often wealthy, people using the masses for their own purposes leaving the poor the their own faith and also how the masses follow these idiots of leaders without questioning the message.

5. Equilibrium:

This song deals with balance in life. That it is so very hard to find a state where you are not too busy or to bored, where your creativity thrives but it doesn’t go out over your family commitment, why things can’t just be good and stay that way.

6. In my mind my secret place:

This song is about how persons with the kind of mind and soul that sometimes cannot take the intensity of ’normal’ everyday life finds their own safe heaven, and how that safe place easily can turn into a prison, limiting life too much in the desire to protect from panicking. 

7. The Z:

This is an instrumental track that builds up the mood for the next track

8. The Zone:

This song deals with the same major theme as ’In my mind my secret place’, having a different mind coping with living in this world. Walking in your own zone not paying much attention to the outside world, but also the realization that when reaching out you are not alone.

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